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Hey guys,

Got an issue - just started sending a solo (NOT my first one) and I'm noticing something really strange - all the clicks are being filtered and marked as "Click inside a frame" - Not sure what this means.

I'm using ClickMagick, and this traffic is straight solo traffic, not mixed/funnel clicks.

Any ideas?

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Don't enable cloaking on your trackers as I think that puts the page in a frame, as the URL is changed in the browser so it is directly interfering in the process. If the buyer uses cloaking, it should be ok as they are not the ones who have to send traffic (but then again cloaking is generally known to cause problems), but for the seller, it is relevant.

If this is not the issue, then I'm sorry, can't help.

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Please disregard - found the issue, it was on the buyers end - problem in his rotator settings.

Actually - the problem isn't resolved :(