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Hi Solo Buddies!

I just joined Udimi, please do bear with the questions below as I'm totally clueless and greatly need your help and assistance.

1st) When a buyer makes an order with me, with the button checked 'I have ad text' , do I copy the Subject and Text directly to my autoresponder and start to deliver traffic?

2nd) If the 'I have ad text' button is unchecked and the buyer passes his link, do I directly copy the link to my autoresponder and send a broadcast with my recommended swipe?

3rd) Based on the picture below from the 'LINKS' tab:

See attach

A) Do I have to use this function when buyer makes an order and passes me his link?

B) For Box 1; what does Link means? And whose links - mine or buyers?

C) For Box 2; why is there Destination 1 and Destination 2? What links do I have to insert into the columns?

D) For Box 3; what does Remove Referrer means?

I'm using Clickmagick to manage, track and deliver traffic and clicks. How do I go about solving the questions mentioned above with Clickmagick?

Appreciate to hear a reply from a kind soul to help me kick start my journey in Udimi.