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Can someone explain to me how vendors who fail to deliver clicks anywhere near the scheduled time still have 5 star reviews?

I'm beginning to think I should ignore the Udimi ratings system and work strictly from personal references...

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What about writing a negative review for a solo that had a very low optin rate (6%) compared to many others where I used the same capture page with many other sellers. Usually I get a 30-40% optin rate. The seller is trying to convince me that I should not leave a negative review because he delivered the clicks promised and gave good communication, which is true, but I've seen other reviews that show he is using bots and his sales rate is only 5% (my bad for missing that). I huge part of his communications is just him trying to convince me why I should not give a negative review. I don't like giving any negative reviews, but I feel obligated. Not sure what to do!

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Haters going to hate. Just keep moving forward.

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You must also put yourself in the solo sellers shoes. I have put blood sweat & tears into making sure everyone is happy, constantly over delivering. And yet often times what is not said here is we are taken advantage of, grilled by buyers and given negative reviews. But look, for me its not about the money. I've dedicated myself to solos in order that I can take care of and provide for my wife and daughter. This is not a game to me, i take it seriously. So if I accept your order, its not for the money. i am confident that all my systems in place can deliver x amount of clicks. Its because I put the customer before myself, and if I didnt conplete your order you lose nothing. You get a refund. I lose everthing with a bad review and the shame that I let down a potential long term customer. I love Solo ads and I wish I could send a million clicks.But I just realized, Im human. And I can guarantee you I will make a mistake atleast once in my life. And so are you, unless your friggin he-man or something ;)

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Thanks for clearing that up Kay!

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I'll leave neg anytime I get bad traffic and 1000% agree with Chad. We really need to be. you know. more strict? but so far I got only good results here and I believe sellers here are great people

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If a solo ad seller fails to deliver clicks on time, you get an automatic refund, so it's my understanding that if you get a refund you can't leave a negative review...only if an order is completed can you leave a postive or negative review. I hope this makes sense:).