Forum Solo ads i need email submits from people who need housing assistance

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hey i need a seller on here that can get me people for my find housing benefits offer so people that are interested in either moving soon and they dont know where to start or people that are just looking for housing assistance want to learn about getting free help moving into there first house see if they qualify for section 8 low cost living or grants my budget is not big right now so im looking for the lowest rate plus this is a cpa offer so i need to spend the lowest cost possible so i profit more then i spend i need real leads no fake leads no bolts or fake ip addresses or i will be banned from the network wont receive my check and i dont want that at all i need usa only email submits i have made a landing page so they just click threw to the next page and that's where all the info is and thats where they submit there email i was looking to pay someone today i have a budget of 25$-35$

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Hey Erica,

I can get you people that are looking for places to move in to, people that needs housing assistance. Do you have specific locations in mind that you want them to be coming from? Message me please.