Forum Solo ads How does the "Simple" solo deal work? (for sellers)

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Hi Guys,

I am new to selling here and I wanted to promote myself using the paid simple solo deal to attract new customers.

How does it work? I'm assuming that you either stay at the top of the list until someone else promotes them self or do you stay up there for a set amount of time?

And also, does using the function work well for attracting buyers?

(I had a look through old forum posts but it looks like there have been some changes recently so I thought the answers may be out of date)

I appreciate any advice.



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Thanks for the reply Andy, yes I got pushed down the list quite quickly without many views. I think without any testimonials its hard to make new connections.

I'll keep trying and join the queue for the for the promoted deal. I should have done it that way round in the first place.

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A simple deal goes to the top of the simple deals but below the promoted deals, there are 10 promoted deals at any one time. New simple deals will go above yours so you gradually get pushed down the list.
For maximum exposure you need to go for the promoted deal but there is about a month wait to have your deal promoted. A deal is promoted for 7 days then gets downgraded to a simple deal but you can bump it again and you go back into the queue from promoted deals.

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Ok so I tried that and it didn't work out too well. I probably should have gone for the full promoted deal. I'll go for that now and join the queue.

I take it that this subject may have been done to death lol

I'll keep hitting it

FNG :)