Forum Solo ads Some Optins showing as "Emailname@domain"

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Hey all

can someone please throw some potential light onto why SOME of my optins would have the following format? :-


instead of the usual "name@domain"

seems a touch odd............that someone opting in would type the prefix "email=" before their email address!?

your thoughts?


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It could also be some unintentional bots in the persons list that automatically sign up to lists. If most of the leads you are getting are like that, then its not good obviously, but if its just like 5% or something low, and the rest of the leads you are getting are good, then you might consider.

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thanks guys - thought as much.. not happy about that!

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Paid to sign up leads or bot

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sounds like a bot opting leads in

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the equal symbol has been removed from my OP...

to clarify I am getting some opting with Email'EqualsSymbol'Name@Domain