Forum Solo ads I don't know how I got on your list?

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So I've been running a little experiment here on Udimi...

I've been building a new list soley off of Solo Ads bought here - some have been pretty good and others, ummm not so much.

However, I've had multiple people respond to my AR's, "I don't know how I got on your list, but I'm glad I am...." What? How does that happen?

Anyways, I've been buying newsletter and solo email ads off and on for 5 years and stopped buying solos on Safe-swaps a couple of years ago, because the quality was so bad. And people were clearly sending all sorts of garbage to landing pages - just for the click.

Has much changed in the solo ad business, is that the case here on Udimi? When I first started buying solo ads, the quality was top notch and the customer service was as well.

Solo sellers cared about your opt in rate and how many sales you received, not just about how many clicks they sent.

I don't want clicks that are redirected or rotated through general copy. That's not a solo ad.