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We published few updates to Solo Deals section:

1. IMPORTANT! Header maximum height has been limited to 300px. This has been done to prevent the order form slipping too much down, because this decreases conversion rate on your solo deals and profiles.

2. More convenient edititng and bumping via Solo deal control panel

3. Better editing of header and footer

4. Better visibility of user testimonials on your solo deal

5. More small changes to improve usability

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I created Solo Deal, however, order form, geo map and pricing format not populating for buyer to purchase. Is there something else I'm supposed to complete? I've searched the entire site and haven't discovered a solution.

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Listing/bumping solo deals is too expensive.$60 and your solo is on next page within 24 hours. Not only that... you don't even break even. I see new sellers who got 1 or 2 orders and they are already beyond 20 rank and there are few first time sellers who got no orders. Some don't even make their money back and they just leave because they gained nothing the first time. minimum is $35 on a 100 click solo a seller can make therefore the price should be around $35. there should be some rules can bump solo once you fall to 20+ spot.