Udimi News and Changes
Udimi News and Changes
Uncle Dimitry
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We will post here updates about new features and changes on Udimi.

Best, Uncle Dimitry.

Posted 5 Dec 2017 at 21:31
Max Udimi
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My Solo - Info section was updated:

-added copy to clipboard buttons;

-changed short link displaying;

-changes in design and small fixes.

added later

Find Seller section updates:

-now you can search for a seller not by niche, but by a keyword. The keyword is searched in the seller's name, 'About me', header and footer sections of profile and Solo Deals.


added later

-added 'Delivered and Needs Your Rating' section in 'My solos'.

added later

- added a search field to 'Help' section to make finding required tutorials and answers to your questions easier

added later

Seller Setup section updates:

- added 2 automated messages that sellers can use to personally reach buyers.

NAME in the text will be automatically substituted by the full name of the message recipient


added later

Non-rejected/non-accepted solo orders update:

In order to maintain a high-quality selling stand of Udimi, the maximum allowed percentage for missed orders was changed to 10%.

Sellers with a percentage close to 10% will see a warning in My solos section. If the rate goes over the allowed maximum, the seller mode will be blocked.

added later

Custom affiliate agreements were removed from Udimi features.

Now affiliates can only use general affiliate links to refer customers.

Posted 5 Mar 2018 at 21:41
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