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New to udimi
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I need really help to start building my list, i need some tips..please

Posted 24 Jul 2018 at 03:44
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Get a good autoresponder. Get your own website, or use the landing page builder on Udimi. Make people optin on your landing page for a free guide or video, then forward them to a sales page. You can use single or double optin, double optin is probably easier Try to make your offer have broad mass appeal in addition to niche appeal. Buy 50 clicks at a time to test different sellers traffic and see which works best for your offer, then buy more solos from the ones that work well. Build your list to 500 to 1000 or so people then you can start selling solos on Udimi yourself since you will be able to fill orders at that level of subscribers. Add another autoresponder to continue building after 1000 subscribers so you diversify the autoresponders you can send from. Followup with your subscribers each day with new offers. Keep watching videos and learning about subscriber list building.

Posted 24 Jul 2018 at 05:28
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