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i am new to this and really would like to figure out a few steps on how to get optins and if there is a certain type of pitch i need to incorporate after they are sent to my list, also how do setup for deposits from payments

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What you need is:

- A landing or squeeze page offering something for free (ebook/membership site/video series etc) this is called a lead magnet

- Then once someone signs up they should be directed to your offer.

- They should then get an email about your offer via your autoresponder immediately and also the link to the lead magnet.

- The next follow up emails should not be sales emails but rather provide value ie. useful information and content for your subscribers.

- Only after sending value emails should you send your offer again.

- Continue this way with mostly value emails mixed with a few sales emails.

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thank you since you seem to know what your talking about and you seem like you care i do rite please need help macking a landing page

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hi to get optins you need to buy traffic create your own landing page ore host a page and ask some one to help you,i been here for many years now and have subsribers here on udimi that buy traffic and i get 15% as an affiliate you need at least 100 subscribers to start with.cheers Ake

Ake johansson