How To Find The Right Seller (part2)
How To Find The Right Seller (part2)
Umar Suwito
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There are 4 ways to find the right seller for you:

1. Use "Find seller" menu on top of udimi page

2. solo deals

3. forum

4. Ask the right Question

1. Use "Find Seller" menu on top of Udimi page

see the post here >>

2. Solo Deals

You will find bunch of sellers here with Solo deal by giving lower price or more over delivery clicks. To find one that fit for you, see the post here >>


3. Forum

You can find sellers with their point of view so you can decide yourself whether one fit you or not, I suggest to find sellers who bring value to the forum by giving valuable info obviously.


To be continued..part 3

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Michael Kyle
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Evi Young
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Right on! Thank you

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