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I am new to Udimi but not new for buying solo ads.

This is a general question to solo ad vendors. I like to buy solo ads to

a squeeze page with Free membership registration offer in IM niche.

Do vendors have any objection for sending traffic to this sort of

squeeze page.

If there is no objection, is it ok to make multiple free mebmbership

registration offers for different IM sub niches on a single squeeze page

to give them more choice and hopefully increase optin rates.


Muddaiah Jayarm

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I agree with Patrick and Michael comments, you don't want to send people to many options it confusing them. Get the email first and then in your autoresponder send them the other offers that will bring them value more value. The objective is to get the email first and then offer your other services to them.

Hope that help.

Jason Gerald - 90% T1 & Fast Delivery ^ Perfect For MMO/MLM/Affiliate Marketing

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Hi! I Would say you decrease optin because people want simplicity. Rather that you warm them later by exposing and offer multiple times. It is after 5-6 exposures people get hooked.

Great that you actually have squeeze page. Alot of my customers go directly to a sales page and I have started to reject. I do not want people to loose money by not grabbing the emails first

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Hi Muddaiah,

Using a squeeze page that leads to a free offer is good. However, you do not want to give multiple free offers on a squeeze page. You can offer that once they optin and get to the sales page and again in your email followup. Your squeeze should be short and provide enough to want them to give their email to see what's on the other side. I hope that answers your question unless I misunderstand your questions. If you'd like to PM me your link I can check it to see if it's a good fit.