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Reason why most people join a done for you program is because it's easy and fast, from squeeze page, thank you page and follow up series are provided, the whole complete funnel, all they need to do is to drive traffic. However, most also forget or don't realize that the same funnel is used by hundreds of other members, it make the funnel not unique and very soon saturated.
Why not create a custom squeeze page and a review page as custom thank you page it will make you stand out and win the competition.

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Sometimes the most effective advice is missed by all. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd and having something everyone else has... well we all know were that leads.

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This simple advice will definitely increase conversions, often by 50%, or more. However most affiliates won't take the time to create a custom squeeze page for a popular program or offer, which is a shame, but then go and blame the solo ad seller for their lacklustre results.

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Excellent advice. I learned to do that early on and it definitely allows you to stand out like a sore thumb .. which in this case is a good thing. :-)