3 different courses i'd like to promote
3 different courses i'd like to promote
Gossett Daley
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a good solo ad seller with HQ leads for the following types of webinar courses.

1. 6 Figure Success Academy.

2. How to build a profitable email list using a new and innovative technology.

3. How to drive targeted FB traffic in any niche to start earning profits.

Solo ad seller must have a great rating.


Posted 4 Dec at 17:26
Michael Kyle
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Hi Gossett.

I can help you with that. If you PM me your links I will check them for you.

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Posted 5 Dec at 02:34
Jyoti Taneja
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Hello Gossett,

I can help you with that. You can test my traffic :)

Posted 5 Dec at 03:49
Tony Parzakonis
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Hi there, I have a suitable list. Cheers!

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Posted 5 Dec at 04:21
Mike Dirnt
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Looks interesting I can likely help as well.

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Posted 5 Dec at 04:43
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