Need help with an accurate answer

Need help with an accurate answer
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I run an affiliate program for my eCommerce stores. I provide my affiliates with a URL that is click tracked in their back office and the URL contains their affiliate ID so they get credit for sales, when link is clicked it sends a click credit to my system/aff back office system and carries ID to webpage to be grabbed and cookied to visitor so aff gets credit.

Question is, does Udimi process allow for your leads that you solo ad to, to click on my actual link so this process can occur, or does the lead just click on a udimi link forwarding them to the URL/webpage provided to you the seller?

IF UDimi process does not permit the clicking on actual link or have process to allow for transfer of aff id, then what is a way to fix this? Can i ask you the seller to forgo the udimi link and trust in yo to deliver quality traffic. or does udimi also forbid this and must track clicks themselves?

Posted 9 Feb 2019 at 23:11
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