Forum Solo ads WEEK 10. Udimi Movers & Shakers

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Every week we are offering recognition to our top 5 solo ad buyers and sellers of that week. We just want to thank our top buyers and sellers for doing an excellent job every single week, and give everyone who's using Udimi a chance to earn their place on one (or both) of our top lists.

To the 5 buyers who've made it on the list this week, thanks for helping to give our sellers a place where they can easily offer valuable clicks from their lists. And of course, to all of our sellers, thanks for giving our buyers a safe and high-value buying experience.

To our sellers, remember, by consistently making sure to offer top-notch service to all of your clients, you'll be far more likely to make one of these lists, as your buyers will keep coming back, and possibly refer friends as well.

Massive congratulations to everyone on the list this week, and to everyone else, keep up the good work, and who knows, next week, or perhaps the week after, you could open up a post just like this one to find your name on one of our lists of top achievers. To honor this achievement, everybody on this list got this medal on profiles: and a medal near the name shown everywhere on Udimi.

Good luck everyone!

Uncle Dimitry

Top Buyers Last Week:

Ben Sturtevant2000+ clicksJerome Chapman2000+ clicksLisa G2000+ clicksColin IP2000+ clicksGreg Garwood1000+ clicks

Top Sellers Last Week:

John Coburn5000+ clicksHeather Alessandra3000+ clicksLiz Hall3000+ clicksMark Lee3000+ clicksMark Jameson2000+ clicks

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My congratulations for John and Heather!

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Yes, thank you everyone! And John, I am coming for you ;)

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A big thanks to all my loyal customers without you this would not be possible. To all my undiscovered customers sample the quality and you will be a repeat customer . Thanks again