Simple technique that reminds your subscribers

Simple technique that reminds your subscribers
Taf Ahad
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Hey everyone

So I thought I'd introduce myself and very happy to meet everyone here. I know many sellers from other platforms and just thought I post some value bombs that would help help newbie email marketers with a few tips.

So lets dive straight in...

A technique that I have seen to work to get a personal feel to each email and for the reader to remember you is to include your name at the top of the email as well as the bottom.

I know you may think why, but think about it this way...

How many emails do you think a single person receives in a day... EXACTLY MY POINT.

So if you want them to remember you then drop a line at the beginning of each email such as;

[COPY THE SUBJECT LINE WITH A BIT MORE INFORMATION] --> I do this so that the reader can see why my subject line caught them of guard

"hey there, Taf here,


This will differentiate you from the rest of the emails because every time you send an email and if the copy is good, they will immediately remember you from your last email and will create the trust a whole lot quicker. Without reading the whole email to see the signature.

The above is something I have tested and has worked for me and my respectable colleagues may have other takes that will also work.

Drop me a comment if you found this useful.

Taf - your trusted solo vendor

Posted 27 Mar 2019 at 10:46
Deepak Kulkarni
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Hi Taf, Nice tip and agree with you... and in addition to name, you can use custom email template(with header and footer), which will support your name or branding.

Posted 27 Mar 2019 at 14:26
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