Forum Solo ads Poor open rate with both Aweber and GetResponse and a solution

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So I have done a research that I wanted to share with you. Kujtim helped me point out what most likely is the issue if you have poor open rate. I first thought that GetResponse was the problem and that I should switch to Aweber but actually I found out later that AWeber was a tiny bit better.

I have done a research video to help other people understand what they should look at if they have similar problems.

If there is something you don't understand or something I should change then please let me know.


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New update and a solution
I didn't have to get a new domain. I solved the issue with poor delivery rate. If you have the same problem that I have then watch the new video update on what I did.

Everyone have problem with Microsoft email hosting
Any email that uses Microsoft will always go to spam. I did a test on that and plan to release an update tomorrow on my research of that.

Work on delivery rate before open rate
If you have poor open rate then make sure you check your deliver rate first. Learn how to send "clean" emails. Then work on the open rate.