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I need some advice please I purchased 100 clicks Teir 1 supposedely good quality they were not cheap. Cost $75.00. I have contacted the vendor several asking politly if he can advise as I am a newbie, advise as to why I have not had a single click. Before I continue with campaigns. I want to try to analize why this vendor failed to deliver. I have had 1 person optin to my catch page but I believe that was from my facebook post. Because the venor doesn't answer me and I see he is online I feel as if I have been robbed.

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We are seeking vendor that offer a list of Self Help - "Marriage Fitness"


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Hey Trevor,

Before you order be sure to match your offer to the seller's list. Sometimes it is not a good fit. This will cause you to have a bad experience and harm the seller's list.

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Michael, send to an email squeeze page that forward to your log or sales page, so you can collect email optins and build your subscriber list. People post reviews every day on Udimi of optins and sales, its very rare for a buyer to get no results.

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i have a health and fitness blog that is attached to affiliate marketing as well. Is it better for me to advertise the blob site or the affiliate links? i don't mind paid traffic but what would be the best method for traffic and the sales.

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Hey Trevor - if you didn't get good results, that's probably because of the targeting. Make sure the vendor's lists are a good fit for your offers. Could be targeting, could be something else. Hit me up, happy to help.

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Hey Trevor, we all started somewhere.

I'd be happy to help you out, and give you an opt-in page review as well. Thats included in my service! However please do notice: We as vendors can not (and should not) guarantee any sales. Sales are dependent on so many things, traffic is just a part of that. If you are selling a pencil for 1000$, it makes sense nobody buys right? Stupid example, but it clarifies the point I am trying to make. Don't rate people only on the fact if you got a sale or not :)
Feel free to PM me your link for help.

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Thank you Paolo Re my pevious post : What do expect I'm a newbie lol

Mistakes happen

I am learning 10 things at once. All was delivered I set up the wrong list in Get Response. I need all the advice I can get so yes please suggest the seller and thanks again. I nned to delete that original post now but can't find out how. I am still suprised that the vendor did not reply to me though.

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Hi Trevor,

Normally if the seller fails to deliver, you'll get a refund. So you don't have to worry too much about it. Sorry to hear you're having an unpleasant experience.

If you want you can write me a PM and I'll suggest you a good seller that helped me with his advice. I'm not a seller, don't worry I won't try to sell you anything :)


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Click on Help, then Live Support.

Top right corner.