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never done this before as far as promoting a product and im not sure if this is what i need or something else. im sure most of you have seen just about everything come thru here so im hoping you can tell me if this could work for me or point me in another direction. i promote weight loss / nutnutrition and have a company supplied website where people can sign up as a customer or promoter under me of course. All i want is for my link to be seen with legit traffic, i understand that there's no guarantee on visits or sales. i see everyone talking about funnels and automatic reply's and things i have no clue about. im just looking for traffic to visit and hopefully spend some time looking around. sorry in advance for the lack of knowledge but just trying to figure this thing out. any advice would be much appreciated

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I would like to see your link please Jeff, I'm pretty sure I can help but better to see your link, please PM me if you wish.

Bill Abbott