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Who can help me ?

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Hi Brandon , I think you need sales funnels to bring real conversions. Since todays websites are not that effective, and infact dead. Try with Clickfunnels they give 14 day free trial. They have ready made templates which is highly converting using customers sales psychology. Even Tony Robbins uses it to sell its product. If you already have clickfunnels then great. Else you may try getting 14 day free trial and your chosen template will be up and running in 20 mins. Also you can integrate it quickly with your existing domain name in 5-10 mins , Clickfunnels tells the steps. Heres link you can try it for 14 days

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Hi Brandon.

PM me your link and I'll check your offer to see if it's a good fit for my lists.

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Brandon I will try my best to help you. You could try 50 clicks from 3 or 4 different sellers and see the results you get, then scale up with the sellers you get results from. I would recommend make an email squeeze page that forward to your product so you can grow you list.