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Hello, I was just wondering, under ad text there is 2 tabs in the upper right hand corner for adding a new swipe or just a link. What is the link tab for? If you put one in there the seller will write a swipe for you? Thanks in advance for the answer.

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I agree with Demian here. You have gone through all the pain and agony of building a list, to have a customer give you a swipe and it doesn't convert, and your list suffer's. I have never submitted a swipe for any clicks I've purchased, because I don't know the list and the owner of it knows it better than me... I'm looking to add to my list, then it's up to me to get sign-ups or sales.

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I barely ever use swipes from customers honestly, sometimes people give a really crappy swipe and expect me to use it. I have to keep my email sender reputation high as well, I think most vendors know best what works on their list. :) I wouldn't recommend to submit an ad text, unless you really really want to have that one - and I'd ask that to the vendor before ordering if that is the case. Hope that helped :)

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Hi John. Yes if you only put your link the seller will just write the swipe for you