Forum Solo ads Looking for traffic for free "Start Your Own Credit Repair Business" webinar training

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Preferably T1, Desktop, Bizopp/IM email lists built with similar lead magnets.

Looking to run continuously if opt-in rate >2%.

Open to 50/50 revenue share arrangements after 5+ solos if interested.

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No, I'll continue running if they're converting at 1 in 750 clicks overall.

I'm also a week out from completing a crypto arbitrage scanner that supports single exchange-single currency pair, single exchange-multi currency pair, and multi currency pair-multi exchange scanning for immediate profitable trades, the backend is complete but we're still setting up the front-end at if anyone here has lists of active (preferably programmatic) crypto traders.

David McHale

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Let have a good run

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optin rate of 2% is pretty low.... do you mean conversion rate (people who actually buy)?

I think most vendors here can provide t1/desktop in the bizop/mmo/IM niche