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I would like to know how this system works. Is it just buying leads and that's it?

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Thanks to everyone who replied I'm new to this program but I'm learning as I go. Check out my link when you get a chance. You maybe looking to do something extra on the side.


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Some information about solo ads you can find at


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It's a paid per click traffic based on email marketing. The seller has a list of leads associated with specific niches. he will send your offer to their list by email until it hits the number of clicks you've ordered.. So if you're building a list it's supposed to help you get fast prospects.

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In simple terms, sellers email their lists with a link to your offer. A certain percentage of the clicks you order will opt in to your list (typically 30-50%), and yes they would be considered leads.

You should then follow up with them regularly.

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Read up on Solo Ads. Or click the Help button.