Email send rate
Email send rate
Syed Ahmed
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Hi, what is the recommended email send rate for emails every day, every 2 days, every week etc?
Posted 9 Nov at 23:54
Demian Voorhagen
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I'd say it depends on some factors, but if you are aiming for the 'going fulltime' game, you are best off mailing daily (usually) :)

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Posted 10 Nov at 17:41
Tomaz Bozic
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Like Demain said, it depends on many factors. Best way to figure this out is to build relationship with your subscribers. You will soon see if you are emailing too much, your unsubscribe rate will be high, if you are emailing to little, nobody will open your emails anymore...


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Posted 11 Nov at 19:48
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It depends on how large your list is and how often they expect emails from you.

Posted 18 Nov at 04:55
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