Forum Solo ads November Changelog

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* Changed Solo Deals section design and logic. Changed the solo deal and bump price to dynamic, if the seller has a solo deal at the top.

* Added settings for Extra services: number of words and number of subject lines for ad texts and discount for ad texts and swipes. Updated design.

* Sellers can send special offers for Extras by message.

* Added new ways of forum thread sorting. Fixed sorting in changelog thread.

* Added a link to see all forum posts of a user.

* Now sellers have an option to set exactly 15% overdelivery.

* Added link and hint fields to the "New order" form that sellers see when they receive new orders.

* Friends privacy settings moved to the Friends section.

* Added a mark to see if there are support representatives online.

* Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Mobile website and Android app

* Added the Money section.

* Added the Friends section

* Added the feature to send special offers in the Messages section.

* Notifications messages updated

* Added push notifications when a buyer has items in the cart.

* Tutorial pages fixed

* Fixed clicks count in the finished solo box

* Authentication process improved

* Special offer message updated

* Solo deals UI updated

* Added fast navigation via Toolbar