Forum Solo ads January 2020 Changelog

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* Added a new option for solo deals - Freebie.

* Developed and published a new video identity verification system.

* Cart design updated. Users with a wide screen got a sidebar with the Cart on the right side of the screen.

* Updated the Money section design. Improved the description of transactions. Added "Transaction Details" window that is available on the transaction cell click.

* New Order form design updated. Added a field with hints that display number the number of previous orders from the buyer.

* Updated design of the solo ad testimonial form. Added optional "Give stars rating".

* Added solo ad progress bar.

* Improved the way Solo Deals are managed.

* Updated Help section design. Added the left-side navigation menu.

* Updated design of the Settings section menu.

* Changed affiliate payout rules for referral Prime purchases.

* Email sent to friends and subscribers when a solo deal is bumped.

* Improved Udimi registration form. One-step registration with higher security password requirements and automatic password generation.

Mobile website and Android app

* Home page updated.

* Forum posts URLs open directly in the app.

* Navigation pattern updated.

* Expired rating view added.

* Added Buy More button on the previously ordered solo Info screen.

* Placeholders for loading data added.

* Bugs fixed.

* Improved performance.