What products convert the most off of Clickbank?
What products convert the most off of Clickbank?
Petros Peter Arzumanyan
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any Help will be much appreciated.

Posted 24 Feb at 18:23
Bob Weaver
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You should figure out what niche & audience you want to target and then you can sort by gravity. The higher the gravity the better it converts.

Keep in mind that there's a lot of crap on CB so choose wisely as to not destroy your reputation and lose your audience.

Posted 24 Feb at 19:40
Umar Suwito
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Petros Peter Arzumanyan on 24 Feb 2020 at 18:23
any Help will be much appreciated.

If you want to get Traffic from Udimi, I suggest you to get product within these niches only: Make Money Online or Weight Loss as those niches are the most popular niches here.

Posted 24 Feb at 22:22
Ebusiness Traffic
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It's very tough to convert ClickBank products with solo ad traffic. You can but a list made up from people interested in the specific topic...very specific...will convert best.

Solo ad traffic tends to convert better with business opportunities.

I convert ClickBank with two types of traffic...

1. PURE VOLUME of clicks

2. YouTube videos

My best results were when I collected leads from a product launch...buyers and subs

If you really want to sell ClickBank with solo ads look for the most BIZ OP types of offers. ClickBank does not like these offers so it may be a challenge.

Good luck

Posted 25 Feb at 14:13
John Crestani
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high gravity ftw

Posted 25 Feb at 21:32
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