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As a prospective seller, I am wondering if there is a way to automate order delivery? I get thousands of email optins per day, and dont really followup with them after 14 days or so.

Is there a way I can sync up Udimi to a segment/s of my email list (infusionsoft or sendgrid is what i use), and setup automation to automatically send out emails for solo ad buyers?

I couldnt find anything within Udimi's interface, but I am assuming somebodys figured out something with automation software and/or zapier, etc.



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You would have to configure a rotator link in Clickmagick. Put all your orders in that rotator and just email that link in your autoresponder to follow up with orders. If you don't have orders you can have Clickmagick redirect to any offer to funnel you want.

This is one of the things I do from my CPA business...leads....autoreponder....Solo Orders...CPA offer ( CPL offers with a great publishers that actually pay)

Good luck