Kenneth Cheruiyot
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hello, help me understand more about affiliate marketer

Posted 27 Mar at 06:10
Phil Tyler
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I'm fairly new to this, too, but as I understand it, affiliate marketing is a service to people who have things to sell, while also being a service to people who are trying to buy those things.

When an affiliate figures out how to get seller and buyer together and a sale takes place, the affiliate gets paid a certain percentage of the price of the item.

Hope this helps.

Posted 27 Mar at 15:08
Suzannah Tay
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Kenneth Cheruiyot on 27 Mar 2020 at 06:10
hello, help me understand more about affiliate marketer

I learnt about affiliate marketing from here WA. If you'd like more info, please message me.

An affiliate marketer sells other people's products and earns commissions for the sales made through their referrals.

Your role is to market and send traffic to the sales page of the vendor via your own websites or sales funnels.

SuE Tay

SuE Tay
Posted 27 Mar at 21:24
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