When do you leave negative feedback for a seller?
When do you leave negative feedback for a seller?
Anthony Marks
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I was wondering what you all think(sellers and buyers.) When is it appropriate to give a seller negative feedback? And a buyer negative feedback.

I'm struggling with this - because I want to be fair and always give the seller the benefit of the doubt.

But in order to make this a great community for buyers and sellers there has to be a balance.

I see sellers with hundreds of positive reviews - but a closer look shows in all those reviews, not one person made a single sale. How can you send thousands of clicks and not deliver sales?

I see people leaving positive feedback like, " I had 5 opt ins on 100 clicks, thanks." What!?

I haven't left negative feedback for anyone - but feel like I could have on at least 5 of the sellers.

I try to be honest in the review and descriptive, but when it okay to say, " I track all my $h!@ been doing this for 7 years and the traffic was horrible - even though seller delivered all the clicks."
Posted 27 Sep at 02:57
Rick Ling
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Anthony hey you could say the above and would be your choice, my opinion and only mine is if have an optin rate of over 30% and the clicks were over 70% T1 I would say a positive rating cause click tracking quality is taken care of already as you know from a buyers prospective.....if you don't get any sale and was like 200 clicks or less I wouldn't say that was a bad solo cause in part is no guaranteed and very few and far between and also to compare each seller is not accurate either but just my opinion cause if rating someone on sales alone hmm alot will then have negative ratings I think....
Rick Ling
Posted 27 Sep at 05:54
Vincent Craine
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I agree Rick, many people do not get sales because they are promoting the same offers that are on the Open Market.

Now if you have your very own product (not PLR) which many people do not because they don't want to take the time to make one) Then if you had no sales and you new your EPC - that would concern me.

But their are hundreds of marketers promoting the same old stuff that your visitors see day in and day out - that's why the sales are low.

Need to have your own personal products if you want to take it to the next level.

Just my 2 cents
Vince Craine
Posted 27 Sep at 06:14
Anthony Marks
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Hey Rick.. I think that's what makes it difficult. I think slow clicks and low opt in rate can be my fault - because I write the copy and create the landing page. I agree you should not give negative feedback for not getting a sale - that's silly.

I was just pointing out that out of hundreds of reviews, people aren't talking about sales, there not talking about response rate. My average conversion rate is 40% on a long form squeeze page. But I don't care about the opt in, I care what happens after they opt in.

I actually don't have an immediate upsell in my funnel and make a between 2 and 3% sales in 7 day period.

In my case, it's very easy to see funny traffic. Because my traffic goes to a membership website, there is no oto, they go to a thank you page and then to the members area.

Most people put up a barrier to their promised content - I give it to them right away. On average a new member will look at 7 pages immediately. Bouncing around in the membership area watching videos, clicking around on stuff ( This is an average of over 10k clicks).

However, I've had a couple of solos here where I get 100 or 200 optins, not clicks and 99% of the leads stop at the members dashboard and never review any content.

That is low quality traffic to me... it's not a big deal to me to spend $200 bucks and have this happen. But I remember when i was starting out and $200 bucks was all I had.

I think some of these unscrupulous sellers not only hurt the buyer, but they hurt quality sellers too. And if sellers start giving better more descriptive feedback - not saying negative. The quality sellers will rise to the top and be rewarded as they should.

Posted 27 Sep at 06:20
Anthony Marks
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Vincent Craine - I agree 100%. That's why I only market and promote my own stuff. :)
Posted 27 Sep at 06:23
Jeff Craigmyle
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I agree also, just starting out myself. New in Udimi too. been through some of those bad traffic sellers (other sites, not Udimi)
Posted 8 Oct at 18:54
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