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I'm new to Udimi, and I'm intrigued...

Sellers got time to start their traffic source to flow, but before that i suppose they prepare material to send out and catch traffic.

What strategies are being used by them? Where is this traffic really coming from?

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Hi! Welcome to Udimi!

So there are quite a few ways people get traffic. The quick way to classify them would be paid and organic traffic:

Main forms of paid traffic:

Social Media Ads - Facebook ads, Pinterest ads , LinkedIn ads etc. Normally FB ads. Do a bit of research on this cos gotta get the audience and set-up right or you'll just burn your budget

Search Engine Ads - Google Ads/Bing Ads - Depends on your offer, average order value and conversion rates, could be quite expensive. What these ads do is place your website directly on top of Google when someone searches specific keywords.

Solo Ads - You can purchase them here on Udimi, check out some vendor's websites, or chat some of us up on Facebook groups (marketplace groups where people sell traffic). Solo Ads can be cheaper and the niches are quite compatible.

Main forms of organic traffic:

Search Engine Optimization - Play around with websites, meta text, titles, code to get ranked higher on Google/Bing when people search certain things. Its free but may take some work.

Social Media - Comment, post and get your presence out online through usual social media tools. There's a facebook group with training videos that are pretty helpful for this. Here's the link:

Content - So this is the more heavy side of things with long blog posts and youtube videos. It does work because you are giving a lot of value, but sometimes people aren't in this to read through long blog posts and they dont click on your links. I have been experimenting with Youtube and am seeing some results so... I guess it works? I have been following this guide so if you are interested -

Messenger marketing - This one takes some time to set up the flows and automatic replies but I am seeing pretty good conversion rates :)

Hope this helps :) If you have any questions feel free to message me or connect with me on FB haha. We could do a call if you are interested as well!

If you wanna read more I actually have a free E-book going on specifically on sources of traffic.

Warmest Regards | Joshua

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How you know when the traffic was delivered

How i know when traffic was delivered

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