How to Increase Online Sales Fast From The Eyes Of A CMO

How to Increase Online Sales Fast From The Eyes Of A CMO
Matthew Olesiak
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How to increase online sales fast is a common question I get asked by not only the experts in the digital marketing industry but by those who are attempting to bootstrap a startup.

Even those with VC backed funds, you have to make quotas and deadlines and nothing is promised, especially in the online space and achieving sales quickly usually buys you more time for the next move.

This content is meant to help push you in the right direction if you're currently struggling with sales, flat-lined your sales recently, or unsure of where to go to next, and if you're up and running trying to scale.

The information provided is solely my insights from being a Chief Marketing Officer in the past and CEO of multiple agencies of my own creation. I've split tested thousands of funnels, sent countless amounts of clicks, and invested more money into testing and optimization than I care to admit.

That being said ... take my advice with a grain of salt :)! So let's dive into it:

As we know from being members of this platform - what you can deploy almost immediately (depending on your internet speed and action taking skills) is a solo ads campaign from trusted solo ad vendors.

Simply pick a solo vendor that works in your industry or niche, and send primed clicks to your landing page or optin form.

From there, it’s following the leads through a pipeline to see what happens and where the drop offs are.

What I do know from increasing my own online sales fast as a solo ads vendor, is that you need to identify the root problem whether it’s singular or multiple steps in your online sales process.

After that, the triage stage takes to a planning stage, and the planning evolves into execution and testing.

One thing is for certain, if you are not constantly testing your digital marketing sales process from tip to tail, you run the risk of having one really good day based on luck, followed by zero profit days that follow.

We’re going to start with the top down approach on how to increase online sales fast.

1. How to Increase Online Sales Fast With Your Existing Book Of Business

A lot of online digital marketers and even super affiliates (myself included!) fall under the false pretence that they “need more clients” or customers and MUST constantly fill their pipeline with prospects in order to increase their online sales fast.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

That’s right, I just threw down the gauntlet but hear me out first.

What helps to increase online sales fast and almost immediately is not spending money out of your budget looking for more or new clients rather – contact your current book of business first!


Your current book of business, audience, or people that have bought from you before, already have a level of trust established with you and are willing to buy from you again!

You don’t need more clients – you just need to ask your current clients for more money!

If your current customers purchased promotions from you already, that means your pipeline and sales funnel has some sort of positive attributes to it already.

If your sales plateaued or what’s commonly called “offer fatigue” took place, then you simply have to switch up the offer that’s similar to the ones your customers purchased from you in the past.

This is almost a true “plug and play to profits” sort of strategy to deploy.

2. How Congruent Is Your Sales Funnel

If you’re experiencing a lack of sales then it’s important to take a look at your message to market approach. This means things:

1. What are you selling
2. Does your traffic generation strategy apply to your audience
3. Is your market message congruent with your headlines or even autoresponder email follow-ups
4. How strong is your hook and push to sale message – is this also congruent with the offer

Sometimes, (and we’re all guilty for this one) we get so caught up in making beautiful landing pages that we forget our ads.

Our ads may talk about making money online but our landing pages offer something completely different even though the intention could be to increase curiosity for the offer at hand.

It would be prudent at this stage to take a look at your offer, the message your sending to bring people into your funnel, and the follow-up sequence that you have in place.

If you’re selling apples, it makes no sense to talk about oranges in your sales funnel (unless you’re just selling fruits!).

3. Are Your Ads Helping You Increase Online Sales Fast?

We finally reach the very bottom of our top-down approach; the ads or messages that you’re sending to generate traffic. It’s very easy to come up with killer sales copy that just … falls flat on it’s face.

Some people will attempt to convert a cold audience with long-form sales copy and although that does work, they (as a brand) lack authority so no one will bother to read or listen in the first place.

There are a ton of strategies out there – depending on what platform you’re using – to increase online sales fast. Here are some of them:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now, you might think it’s strange that I grouped PPC and SEO into one category but as a little Pro Tip: I always use one to feed the other and here’s how:

-Use PPC campaigns to test out keywords to see which ones bring you the most Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
-Take the winner keywords and start structuring your SEO strategy around them
-Focus on buyer intent keywords rather than the cheapest keywords with the most volume.

Chances are that a keyword phrase starting with “Buy X product” is a buyer intent keyword or a keyword that someone would type into Google or Bing to actually purchase something related to said product.

Also, I found that keywords with the term “Review” attached to them like “Solo Ad Vendor Reviews” has buyer intention behind the phrase.

2. Use Solo Ads From Solo Ad Vendors

Using solo ads is one of the fastest ways to test your message in order to see if it will generate any interest and traffic with conversions.

With solo ads, you’re not searching for an audience to run your offers to rather, the audience based on industry is already selected.

Not to mention, the return on investment from Solo Ads still eclipses almost every other traffic generation strategy out there, hand over fist!

3. Tweak Your Imagery or Video aka Graphics

We live in a world today where everyone is bombarded with ads from multiple platforms only to be retargeted again on a different cross platform.

Have you ever thought of a product, looked it up, and then saw an ad for it just about, well – everywhere?

This means that the graphics you’re using need to be a pattern interrupt or – something that rips people from the mundane ads they’re already facing and forces them to pay attention.

This can take the form of colors, images, videos, headlines, you name it.

This is really where the artistry of digital marketing to increase online sales fast shines.

Parting Thoughts

If you take a look at your current audience and really dive into what products or promotions they purchased from you, chances are a similar product will convert as well - just make sure your messaging is on point.

You can and should always be testing your entire sales process and without a doubt - solo ad campaigns take the cake when it comes to warm audience testing for promotions and offers.

I do hope this helps you in your future endeavors and if you ever want to chat marketing strategies - nerding out on this stuff is what I do best.

To your success

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