Everyone in Online business should have a List
Everyone in Online business should have a List
Evi Young
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It’s no secret that the money is in the list.

When it comes to making money online, you need to have a relevant list of email subscribers that you can call upon.

If you buy traffic and send it directly to a sales page you'll waste your money because most people decide to buy after 6-7 exposures, by building your list you can send those number of exposures and the best part is you can send them other offers over and over again.

Anyway, I'd like to bring up the most crucial part of building your list that is an Autoresponder, we all know aweber, getresponse, mailchimp and many others but to most of us in MMO, Weight loss or IM business most of those Companies are not too friendly as they can shut down our account anytime or emails not inboxing. And so come along a selfhosted autoresponder, basically we slap autoresponder script and put it on our own server so we have more control over it, but of course the principal rules applied which is we need to keep the ip and domain in a good reputation so our emails will go inboxing.

The big challenge to have selfhosted autoresponder is the techy part and the warm up process so emails will go inboxing. If we can take care of those two then our problems with aweber, getresponse, etc..are solved.

I have my go to guy to solve those two challenges how about you guys?

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