Forum Solo ads How do super affiliates get so many clicks to their links?

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Hi Folks, I am an avid reader of all of your online comments on Forum. I am direct marketing with Microsoft Ads using Clickbank links with moderate success. My question is this: Where do the super affiliates get massive amounts of traffic to send to an affiliate link? Some of them send 30-50,000 clicks to a link. Is this organic traffic? Or are they buying clicks via solo ads. Can I replicate this on a smaller scale to quickly boost profits?

Is a site like Udimi the answer?

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Hi There

It is a combination - but yes the only form of traffic is paid traffic. Udimi is a fantastic source of paid traffic. You have a lot of options from sellers, great protection (Udimi system filters bad quality clicks).

To your question - Super affiliates re-invest profits to buy more traffic, they do this again and again.

But the beauty of systems like Udimi is that you do not need to start with a large amount. Buy traffic with what you can afford