Forum Solo ads November 2020 Changelog

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* Help section update. Improved usability and design. Updated structure and design of tutorials. Added short answers displayed during the search.

* Changed design of the Extras section.

* Site time changed from UTC to the local timezone.

* Improved description of filtered clicks in solo stats.

* Option to apply a coupon from the order form for new users.

* Added the Freebies tab to the Orders section.

* Upload avatar image from the profile page.

* Updated monthly contest UI.

* Miscellaneous UX improvements.

Mobile website and Android app

* Order stats UI updated.

* Added new info to the order stats screen.

* Added new functionality to the order stats screen.

* Seller's FAQ images slider updated.

* Animations on the profile page improved.

* App download size reduced.

* Overdelivery settings available for sellers on the order screen.

* Time changed from UTC to the local timezone.

* Seller search improved.

* Added the swipe to reply feature in private messages.

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Thomas, thank you for mentioning it. The remaining time should be displayed on the mobile version of Udimi. I've forwarded the issue to the tech team for checking.

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Why on mobile website i dont see anymore how much time left to complete the order...?? (!)