4 ways to CRUSH your email sequence!!! ***Turbo-Boost your success**
4 ways to CRUSH your email sequence!!! ***Turbo-Boost your success**
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Hi Guys

Buying solo ads is but the first step. Here on Udimi, you will find an incredible array of Sellers specific to your offer. But to optimize your optins and get sales. Your funnel and follow-up sequence is the foundation of your solo ad campaign.

Key Info:

99% of people will not buy the first time they see and offer.

So your email sequence is very important. Without an email sequence, you are practically wasting potential buyers of your product.

Here are a few things below to think about when creating your email sequence.

1.Capture the 1%

1% of people are ready and willing to buy, so give them that opportunity right away. This is done via a "Thank You" page. Immediately after somebody signs up onto your list, send them the offer right away. Give the 1% the chance to purchase what your offer.

2.Start the email sequence right away

Depending on your product start the email sequence immediately when the person signs up to your offer. Let them experience what it feels like to get an email from you. In this email make sure that you are clear about:

  • who you are;
  • why they are getting an email from you;
  • what they should expect in future emails;
  • when will you be sending future emails

This step is important, and often many people miss this. Really introduce yourself and make the person comfortable about seeing your name in their inbox.

3.Send at least 7 emails (I send on average 12)

Send your new subscribers at least 7 - 12 emails packed with value. Be sure to add your link to each email. Build hype and anticipation. So on every email - tell them when they will hear from you again. The number differs per offer and per audience but 7-12 emails (with 1 a day) is a good starting point. Also, test for yourself to see what works best.

4.Get a lot of clicks (Udimi is perfect for this)

You cannot escape this. You need to buy traffic consistently to see long-term results. fortunately for you - you are at the right place here on Udimi.

Hope this helps you.

I wish you all the success.


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