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Hi Guys

So a "Thank you page / Bridge Page" as some might call it, is a page that you send your subscribers to as soon as they input their email addresses. This page is important because it can get you initial sales upfront from the traffic that is ready to buy. If done well this can cover your marketing costs (i.e. buying traffic on Udimi).

So I have compiled 3 keys below to help you compile a high converting thank you page.

1.Provide a one-time ($10 or less) offer on your thank you page

This is very important, usually, after someone has subscribed they will be expecting an email from you. So on your thank, your page you can offer them a one-time offer that will complement what you are selling.

For example - let's say you are promoting a fitness training program. Your thank you page can have a one-time offer with a $7.99 training plan to lose weight fast.

The key is simple, cheap, and relevant

2.It must direct them to their emails

Tell people to check their emails. This is important because you want your new subscribers to get used to seeing and opening emails from you. This first email DO NOT SELL anything - add VALUE, be authentic and invite your new subscribers on a journey with you. Build trust and they will buy from you long term.

3.Introduce yourself

Add a little biography of who you are. Add a picture of who you are or a simple video introduction. Break the ice - this will help your open rates and will improve your sales long term


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