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Hi Guys

So as you buy clicks on Udimi - you should be building your email list. Once you have been doing this for a while, you will often find that your list becomes less and less responsive (i.e. fewer open rate and email click percentage) Below are 3 tips I use to ensure that my subscribers remain engaged.

1.Clean up your list (Remove the unresponsive)

This one is quite obvious, but it must be said. If people spend months on your list and never open an email. It is best to get rid of them. Remember it is better to have an engaged email list than a larger one. The Email Service Providers also check that.

How I generally do this, is that I run people through a recapture email sequence. If they still do not open - then you know they never will.

2.Ask them questions about what they would like to learn about

This one goes back to the engagement with your list. Ask them real questions about what they want to learn, you will be surprised what comes out.

NINJA tactic: Group all their responses together and create a webinar course where you answer everyone's questions for a fee.

3.Serve your list (Provide value in form of FREE STUFF)

People love free stuff, so be sure to provide a lot of free original content in the form of:

  • short videos;
  • pdf reports;
  • original research in your niche or whatever.

The key to keeping a healthy list is to SERVE the people on your list. If you do this consistently they will have no problem pulling out their credit card and paying for offers you are promoting.


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