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why sales are not guaranteed?

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Hi Pritam,

As Jan Francis said we can't guarantee sales because it depends on too many parameters. There are too many moving parts.
Is your opt-in page optimized enough?
Is your follow up sequence make people like, know and trust you?
Are you offers exciting enough?
Does your sales funnel make people want to buy from you?

To maximize your chances of getting sales, you need to always keep growing your list and promoting different products.

You will find out that some people are not attracted to one of your product, but when you start promoting a different product, them boom! Sales keep coming.

Hope it helps.


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Pritam Halder on 10 Jun 2021 at 08:49

why sales are not guaranteed?


No one can guarantee sales here in Udimi. It is in our TOS.

That is why it is important to find a seller that has an audience that matches what you offer to get much better results. It all depends on your offer, how attractive it is to the potential customer, what benefits you offer to your audience etc. Most sales come from follow-up sequences, so you should not hope too much to get instant sales from running solo ads. Build your list and send a follow-up series. You will get recurring income, not one-hit sales. Most people decide to buy after 4-5 exposures, and most sales come from follow-up sequences.


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Hi Pritam,

On Udimi you buy clicks. We track and filter ( all traffic delivered by your seller and give you access to the collected stats. We can see IP, browser, location, internet provider, and operating system of the visitors. 

You can see the details of the received clicks in the Stats section of your order on the %orders% page.

But since we don't have access to your lander, it's not possible to get more information about the clicks, such as names or emails of these people.

Since you ordered traffic to a third party website, we cannot check if you got any optins/sales. You should be able to check the results of your campaign on the autoresponder connected to your landing page or in your website back office, depending on your setup.

I'd suggest you contact the customer support of the company that provided the landing page to check if you got any sales/opt-ins.

You can contact us by clicking on Help and click Support is online.


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