August 2021 Changelog

August 2021 Changelog
Udimi Notifications
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* Purchase process updates. Users don’t have to wait for notifications from Udimi about successful payments and be redirected to the “Thank you” page. Such not seen notifications are displayed under the “Last orders” button.

* Improved the solo ad order form. The user will see available payment options only if there is not enough money on the balance. Updated design of the form.

* Update the design of the Affiliates section. Added tabs for different sections. The purchased gift cards are now stored under the Tools tab.

* Optin tracking update. Clicks on the landing page URL are not tracked until the subscribed or the bought URL is added to the funnel.

* Miscellaneous UX improvements.

Mobile website and Android app

* Bug fixes.

* Performance improvements.

Posted 3 Sep 2021 at 20:12
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