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I have just bought a solo ad. What do I do next.

Build my list is a must. Then once I have done this, do I send loads of affiliate links to my emails list and even squeeze pages. Is this right?

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If you start flooding your list with crap they will never buy anything from you. My advice is to have a broadcast in place 1 email a day with some good advice and training for your niche. once you build a relation with your list then you can start selling them something. For now they dont even know how you are why would they buy anything from you?

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I agree with Rick. Keep them sending free offers/downloads and place your affiliate link on the Thank-You/Download pages of your squeeze pages...

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Chandeep on the sending affiliates I personally wouldn't do that until at least 1k + leads then only as a link in your followups possibly but meanwhile keep them happy sendng free offers no sales yet and also offering advice and ask leads what they want and get some feedback... just some ideas to start. Rick Ling

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Happy Diwali Chandeep.