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I've been buying solo ads for 3 weeks and to this day I've managed to squeeze out like 120 subs.

And I didn't get any sales, which is fine and I was expecting it, that is not the worrying part.

The worrying part is that those subscribers have no reaction to anything.

Like anything.

I've told them in the ad copy that I'll give them the lead magnet only if they reply to my welcome email so I can improve deliverability.

And to this day, nobody has took the time to answer, they completely forgot why they even came here and just simply went along while acting like statues.

And ever since I started I've been sending 1-2 emails everyday, and there are some people that open the emails and click the link.

But to this day, nobody has reacted in any way shape or form with a comment to the crazy stuff I say in those emails.

Which is very weird.

I wanted to know if this happened to anybody else. Lmk.

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This is so called experience what you're lucking.

There is just too much to add and this post would be just too long and at the end - it would help only if someone paid to get access to this (because FREE is not where people pay attention).

My best wishes to your journey.


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Yeah only 2 sets of solo ad purchased a few reply’s but not good responces

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Can’t say that’s happen yo me I’ve been. Trying get up without laid ada