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So I've been a safe swaps member and have been selling solos and swapping since the day that the only fee one would pay was their monthly subscription to safe swaps.

While I understand that Dimitry et al need to also make money as it's a business for them too, I just can't for a minute understand how Dimitry advertises udimi as free for both sellers and buyers!

May be am mistaken but let's see if I get an explanation on the following:

I sell solos at $0.34 per click ie $34 per 100 click solo.

However, If you try to buy from me 100 clicks solo ad you will see a $39.99* price where you get notified that the $1.99 is for using the filter udimi imposes on all (I seem to recall that when this was on discussion back in the day, Dimitry and staff were sure to say that it ll be optional and it could be turned off if agreed between trusted parties, but I've personally never seen this option. Have you?).

On top of that if you'd like to advertise your solos as a seller the cheapest option would be $25 and it may stay on page 1 (it may not) for a week. If you want to be shown on top that would cost $100 again it may stay on for a week or it may not depending on how many others are buying ad spaces.

and the icing on the cake, is that Udimi tracking that is advertised as the best on the market can't really tell that clicking a link in an email and having opera or safari as your default browser is a real link so it just classifies it as fake! but never mind.

Now let me say that when you pay close to $40 for a 100 clicks solo ad with me, I actually receive $32 in my PayPal account. So a whopping $7.99 bucks go MIA aka on fees udimi and PP takes. That's close to 20% on FEES! You can get actively managed mutual funds (with fees that eat up returns) for less fees than that :)

Granted some of that money is PP fees ($2 to be exact) but these were supposed to be covered from the money that udimi takes (remember I sell for $34 and you pay $38 or $39.99 and I actually get $32).

Now don't get me wrong as I mentioned in the beginning, Dimitry has a business to run and at teh end of the day if I or anyone doesn't like it, then they can stop using it. I understand that.

But Dimitry if you re reading this, please humor me and answer if you can this question for me:

How on earth can you actually still state everywhere on the site that Udimi is Free for sellers and buyers?

Respectfully, S

* If you are also a safe swaps member paying $30 per month and connect your two accounts then you will get a discount and the price you will have to pay for my solos will be $37.99 as opposed to $39.99 everything else remains the same as I stated above

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Did you pay to register on Udimi? NO.

Did you pay to get listed on Udimi? NO.

Do you pay any monthly fees? NO

Everything else is optional. If you don't want Promoted status, don't buy.

About click price... final price is shown right on your seller setup page with detailed description as to why Udimi adds own percentage.

Also be sure to read how you actually save with Udimi here:

Best, Uncle Dimitry.