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My solo ads are coming fast in with just an email address and no subject and no message created. I have about 17 now. They were fine few days ago and now I have this problem from the same order and vendor. Are they being filtered? I checked my website and it is working. How do I get help?

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Anne, your opt-in form determine what info you get,ex:name,email and phone number and Rick and Liz have some good answer ok

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Anne go to help tab at top of page click buyer your questions should be answered and solo here have 100 hours to complete and your solo vender should answer your question and if don't get your answer you can message support

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Hey Annie, Are talking about subscribers optin info? As not understanding about subject snd message, if subscriber you generally would have email then name then possibly other data like country state possibly City/Town also ok IP for sure too.. Rick Ling P.S when you send lead a followup then just need name and email but AR sorts that part out from lead info..