Surprised at lack of response to thread.
Surprised at lack of response to thread.
Nigel Holder
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I posted a thread about a Solo Ad I wanted yo buy, it was up for a day and I got no messages. As soon as I selected a seller and purchased the Solo Ad, I immediately got 3 messages within 2 minutes after completion of the purchase offering to sell me more clicks.

I thought the purpose of putting up the thread was for these sellers to make you offers before you buy, but it seems they only target people when they buy. Being new to this I tend to get the impression that people put up threads and do not take up the Buyers offers. And it is better to target the actual buyers hoping they will consider you when they make their next purchase.

Similarly I have to come up with a strategy of buying Solo Ads where I would not get just a bunch of free bee seekers, who do not respond to anything you send to them (not even programs that are free to join). I have to come up with a strategy to determine the sellers who actually have buyers on their list, to buy from them.
Posted 7 Jul 2014 at 20:26
Uncle Dimitry
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Hi Nigel, report spammers to support and they will be blocked quickly and permanently
Posted 7 Jul 2014 at 20:45
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