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98%+ Tier 1 traffic, real human, ready to buy and convert: biz opp, mmo, im, crypto!! I adding hundreds of fresh new subs daily.
From United States.
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About me and my offer
Hello I am Walter. A key factor for success online is the combination of great content and lots of quality targeted traffic. It is my belief that a steady flow of quality targeted traffic is the key driver of online success. For this reason, I have committed myself to helping my fellow online entrepreneurs, such as yourself, succeed by providing the best quality traffic that can muster for them to grow their businesses online. In fact, I took breather from sales to perfect my lists and can now offer " the Best In Class" solo ad traffic for your cold email promotions. When you buy my traffic, know that it's fresh. Its not recycled, its original/fresh from various ad placements and strategic social media promotions. I update my list with fresh leads daily in order to provide you with the best quality traffic in its class that includes my very loyal and active subscribers. To protect my list, all solo ads sales/promos are subject to review to determine its viability with my lists. BTW: My traffic is OLSP compliant.
What types of offers is your traffic good for?
MMO, MLM, Biz Opps, Crypto Friendly Traffic
How responsive is your list?
Very responsive list with fresh subscribers added daily
Are buyers included in your list?
Buyers are included.
What is your traffic mix
90% +  Tier 1
Over delivery?
I provide 10% over delivery.
How fresh is your list?
Tons of subscribers added to my list daily.
How much traffic an you provide?
I have available 100 - 400 click s daily.
Average traffic geography
Top tier countries
91% United States
4% United Kingdom
1% Canada
4% all the rest
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