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About me and my offer
I just started on UDIMI and I am looking to build positive case studies with testimonials. I will go above and beyond on your orders with a big discount in the form of extra leads.PM me to find out more. Do You Want the “Cheapest Traffic” Out There, or Do You Want High-Quality Leads That Build Your Email List? You Are In The Right Place! > 80 to 90% Tier 1 countries (US | UK | CA | AU | NZ | (Other traffic is often from ex-pats living in other countries) > Targeted traffic from real people in the Make Money Online, Work from Home, and Biz ops niches > IF YOU ARE A FIRST-TIME CUSTOMER, TO WIN YOUR BUSINESS, WE ARE EXCITED TO DELIVER 10% MORE LEADS FOR YOUR FIRST ORDER > 25% opt-in rate guaranteed. If your offer fits my email list and we accept it, we guarantee a 25% of-in rate or we will send free leads until you make it! > Free tracking report for each campaign > Our robust filtering system discards all “fake” and “bot” traffic > Free 10% over delivery (or more) guaranteed on every order. > Continual replenishing of our lists with fresh traffic > Free evaluation of your landing page and/or email swipe Orders usually are sent after 24 hours unless you request our premium offer which needs a bit longer to set up (contact us for information). > Premium offer (if needed): We can craft a FREE landing page (opt-in form) and/or write a 5–7-day email swipe for your campaign. (We can offer repeat clients a proven template(s) to get it right each time). We love repeat clients who trust us and want to work with us! We will bend over backward to make your affiliate marketing journey an ongoing success. Marketing with emails is what clients prefer over other ways to communicate:
solo ads
high quality
list building
email lists
free evaluation
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fresh traffic
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Tier one USA
Can you do USA clicks only?
Yes. My normal traffic is a minimum of 80% Tier 1 countries and 20% worldwide. There's plenty of money out there. Our Proactive Package is 90% Tier 1 countries but I can further segment my audience to provide 100% USA clicks (although it takes a little bit longer.) Just contact me for details.
Do you provide tracking for my order?
Of course. You need to know where your money went! I provide free tracking for all my customers. I will set up a tracking link for your landing page URL  and send you the Detailed Traffic Report afterward, so you can feel safe knowing you got high-quality traffic.
Can you help me track opt-in rates?
Tracking email opt-ins is very easy. The software you use to create the opt-in page (or landing page) will give you that information. Or you can use a tracking software such as Click Magick.  I will be happy to show you how to use either or both. Just contact me using the form below.
Do you have a refund policy?
Your order can only be refunded before your solo ad campaign has started.   If you’re unsatisfied with your order, I promise to work with you to make it right.  But all sales are final and no refunds will be given on completed solo ad campaigns because of the obvious costs incurred on my end.
How big is/are your email list(s)?
Since mastering the art and science of email lead generation, I now have access to several lists of thousands of subscribers. Plus I manage other people’s email lists, who occasionally offer solo ads but don’t openly talk about it. We can scale this big.  If you have the budget we have as many targeted leads as you need.
When do you start delivery?
I will start your order within 24 hours of payment and verification of your link. The order will be delivered within 48 to 72 hours.   Before we start I need to check your link, your opt-in page, and take a look at your offer to make sure it is a good fit for my audience. Contact me for details.
Do you guarantee sales?
The simple truth is that no one can guarantee sales ( I wish I could because that would make my job so easy). There are numerous factors besides traffic that go into making sales such as effective sales copy, a well-written 7 to 30-day email follow-up, the right price point, and a great offer with enticing bonuses, etc.
What do you guarantee?
I guarantee that I will send you fresh, high-quality leads that are warmed up to your niche and looking to buy products like yours based on their past history. And I’ll even overdeliver on the amount of clicks so you have an even better chance to get opt-ins and close sales.
What if I don't have a good product to promote?
This is one of the best questions you can ask. On the one hand, after sending 500 to 1000 clicks to your offer, you will know whether your opt-in page is converting and you are making sales. On the other hand, several elements are essential to a good funnel that can be evaluated immediately before spending money on traffic. Contact me using the form below for a free initial evaluation.
Do I need an email swipe ?
Yes, you do. It needs to be well-written with a good title to entice my audience to click on your link. But you will also need a good 30-day follow-up (at least one email per day).  If you do this,  you will get many more opt-ins and sales. That is why having a good landing page connected to your autoresponder loaded with daily emails is the key to successful affiliate marketing. If you need help with writing these emails or setting up your autoresponder, we can help. Just contact us.