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FREE BONUSES With Your Solo Ad Purchase! - BONUS #1: VIP Premier Partner Status ($197 Value) - Get Instant Affiliate Access to my highest converting offer for my Solo Ad Traffic. This offer alone has generated over $50,000 in sales with my Solo Ad Traffic. Now you can promote it as your own Affiliate Offer. - BONUS #2: VIP Affiliate Marketing Accelerator ($297 Value) - Get my Affiliate Marketing training so you can learn the secrets of the Super Affiliates and how to earn a full time income from home with Affiliate Marketing - BONUS #3: $5000 Per Day Training ($497 Value) - Get the secret Traffic Strategy to unlock massive amounts of leads for your affiliate offers. Our students DOUBLED their Income with this. Welcome! You're here because you want high quality traffic to your offer. You're tired of the fake bot traffic, and you want Done For You Traffic from a trusted source where you can promote your offers. If that's what you want, then you've come to the right place. I've been in the solo ad industry since 2016 selling traffic on my own to my own clients. I am now expanding to serve more clients on Udimi. I have sold multiple 6 figures online selling multiple business opportunities including Warrior Plus, Clickbank, JvZoo, and Systeme Marketplaces, and the bulk of that has come from solo ads. Your Benefits of Getting LJ Traffic Today - Fast, Hands Free Leads Learning About Your Business Opportunity and Affiliate Offers Without Having To Talk to Anyone. - Bonus 10% Traffic on Any Order, Meaning More Prospects and a Higher Chance of You Making Money Faster * Build Your Email List Much Faster than doing it on your own. The money is in your email list. - You don't have to worry about compliance issues or getting your ads accounts banned. * Protection against bot and fake accounts, only Real Authentic People - Unlimited Income Potential, You determine the amount of Prospects to send to Your Offers - Proven Successful Advertising Method with Massive Earning Potential - Higher Chance at a Faster Cash Flow In Your Business With Fast Leads To Your Offer - Detailed Live Campaign Stats to see How Many Clicks and Visitors Have Been sent to your link - Finally Getting The Results You Want And Having Success With Making Money Online With Your Very Own Automated Cash Flow Business Make Money In 3 Steps With LJ Solo Ads Step 1: Send LJ Solo Ad Traffic To Your Offers. Step 2: Your Leads will Opt In to your Email List and see your Offers Step 3: When Sales are Made, You Get Paid! I will be providing you with fresh high quality traffic where you can expect consistent optin rates and repeat business, even if you're promoting the same offer. You will get High T1 countries (80%+) which means you have a higher chance of getting buyers. I appreciate you and look forward to you being my next client. Check my Videos, pictures, and reviews Client Testimonial Videos Below: "I received High Opt In Rates, and I Generated 2 Sales!" "If you're trying to get your business started and some leads going... LJ is your go to guy." "Not to mention I made quite a few sales on recurring offers." “LJ has been a HUGE Impact on my life in general and my business” "If you're looking to make money on the internet, surround yourself with people like LJ, and you're going to succeed." "Definitely team up with him because he really cares about your success." "From day one, he's always been concerned about what he can do to help me succeed." "He has been a great resource for me, and a mentor, and helped me in many aspects of my business."
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What is the average optin rate of your traffic?
Generally my traffic converts from 20%-70% depending on the lead capture page. Most of the traffic to my personal lead capture pages convert at 45%-65%
Can I expect sales with your traffic?
Yes, sales can be expected but are not guaranteed as there is no way of knowing how the lead will feel about your offer or if they are in buyer mode that day. I can not guarantee any sales, but I have personally made over 6 figures with my traffic.
Is your traffic high quality?
Yes,-my traffic is High Quality Real Traffic that is proven to help generate leads and sales. The fortune is in the follow up, and you will have fresh leads in your email autoresponder, and your autoresponder should follow up with your leads on your behalf for you continuing to make money with Email Marketing. When your leads make a purchase from your affiliate links, you will earn a commission from that sale.
Is this still easy if I'm completely new?
Yes, my traffic is designed for you ESPECIALLY if you are completely new. You are investing in a proven high quality leads that will give you real leads to your offers.
Is my investment with this guaranteed?
I cannot guarantee any income you will make. Success will be 100% dependent from your own effort. However, because of the quality of our leads, we will do our best to help you succeed. If you win, we all win, so let's win and succeed together!
Why should I trust buying from you?
I've been involved in the internet marketing industry since 2015 and have tens of thousands of followers on my Instagram, YouTube, FB, and TikTok. I have also 
earned multiple six figures online and have helped thousands of students. I am now bringing my Solo Ad services to Udimi to help more clients like you.
When will my Solo Ad order start?
We will process your order within the 24 hours and start your order on the date you selected or sooner depending on demand.
Do I really need a lead capture page?
Yes, you should always use a lead capture page because you can continue to email and connect with your leads which will lead to more sales. Most sales are made in the backend using an email follow up sequence. This is the best and most profitable way to get sales which is using email marketing. 

I can still run your campaign directly to a sales page, but understand that your results will be lower and you have a higher chance of NOT getting sales. Your best bet is to have an email lead capture page where we send traffic to so that your leads optin via email and then see your offer. Most leads need to see an offer 7-15 times before deciding to make a purchase. You can also then promote other products to make even more sales. This is why I recommend you using a lead capture page.
Why should I buy from you and not another solo ad seller?
I feel you should buy from me and other solo ad vendors. The reason is because different offers work for different vendors. I've had offers where Solo Ad Vendor A would convert to sales and Solo Ad Vendor B wouldn't, then I would have other offers where Solo Ad Vendor A didn't convert to sales, but Solo Ad Vendor B did. There generally isn't 1 perfect offer with 1 perfect traffic source, so you should always test out different vendors to see who gives you the best results.
I can get a refund if I didn't get any sale?
There are no refunds once the traffic is delivered. What you are investing in is clicks and traffic to your offer. Sales are not guaranteed and it is your responsibility to have a converting offer and email follow up sequence. You can also test other offers to your leads once you have them on your email list. 

Understand you are purchasing clicks and traffic, our only responsibility is to provide you the quality lead, it is up to  your lead capture page and offer to convert them into a sale. I am more than happy to review your lead capture page and sales page when you make a purchase.
How do i change my link or swipe?
In order to change your swipe text or link you need to access your bought solo and make necessary changes there, unfortunately i can’t do them from my end. Click on "MY SOLOS" to the left menu. At top center you will see 3 options "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click in under bought.

- open the solo you wish to change 
- switch to INFO section
- click red button "Change link" or "Change ad text" at the bottom right
- make changes and save them
- click "Send changes to seller"
How do I leave a testimonial?
In order to submit a testimonial follow these steps: 

- Click on ”ORDERS” to the left menu.
- At top center you have "ALL, BOUGHT or SOLD". Click on bought.
- Open the solo you wish to leave a testimonial on. 
- You are now on ”STATS” page. Scroll down to the middle on page.
- There you should see an box where you can leave your testimonial.

* You should consider to let at least 10 days to pass before you post your testimonial because sometimes it takes a while for people to consider your offer plus you should always have follow-up emails going out to your leads under that time.
Can you use my custom swipe text if needed?
Yes, I can use your custom swipe text if needed, but I generally write my own email swipe to help get the best converting clicks to your lead capture page and offer. I have a strong understanding of my list and how I write my emails to get you the best results.
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